Heathrow is the UK’s most premier international airport. There are over 80 airlines that fly to and from Heathrow to over 180 destinations worldwide. Heathrow really is the place to escape. Every year, there is an estimated 70 million passengers passing through Heathrow, making it one of the most popular in the world.

Heathrow’s best kept secret

Not many people know this, but Heathrow Airport actually has a sixth terminal. However, it is a Royal Suite and can only be used for royalty, heads of state and certain celebrities. This terminal is only opened on special occasions.

What services are available at Heathrow?

There are hundreds of services at each Heathrow terminal, so we have created a list of the most popular/helpful.

  1. Bag wrapping: For just £11.50 you can seal your suitable, backpack or carryon luggage with a tough, protective plastic film meaning it’ll be much more secure.
  2. Car hire: There are numerous car hire desks at Heathrow which will help you get from one place to another.
  3. Car parking: You can drive your car to the terminal you need with no fuss at all. On your return your car will be ready and waiting.
  4. Duty free shopping: You can enjoy the ultimate shopping experience. There are over 17,000 products across the airport.
  5. Hotel transfer buses: A transfer bus is the most convenient way of travelling to your hotel at Heathrow.
  6. Travel money: You can order your money online and pick up at any Heathrow terminal.